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Miami Art Cicuits 1-6 Dicembre 2010
Warehouse 70, NW 25th Street Wynwood Arts Discrit, Miami (Florida – USA)

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Exhibition curated by Maurizio Vannni Executive Director Lu.C.C.A.

For some years now, Miami has become one of the world’s most important platforms for contemporary art: every year in December museum directors, international gallerists and artists gather in Miami to talk, renew partnership, exchange impressions about the arts market, share strategies related to technological innovation, and acquire new works for their collections, but also to see what the greatest festival of visual art in the world has to offer.

Starting from the areas of Art Basel Miami and Scope Miami Art Show or from initiatives of the Art District, visitors can choose what to see, how to perceive and how to live the atmosphere of a true celebration of modern and contemporary. And in the evening, he or she may get invited to one of the many parties taking place in the Art District, in the museum and in the permanent galleries in the area, with a good chance to meet not only the most important opinion leaders in the art world, but also personalities of cinema, culture, journalism and fashion.

The next edition of Art Basel Miami, which will be held on December 2-5,2010 will involve over 250 galleries among the most important in the world, representing north America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa, that will exhibit works by over 2,000 artists already at the international level. According to industry experts, this edition should coincide whit a real economic recovery able to restarts investments and re-establish the fundamental circulation of works and money that is vital to the art system.

In the third millennium, the role of the museum of modern and contemporary art is bound to change, becoming more and more a n instrument of culture designed to target a broad, divers target. The role of the gallerists changes too – not just manager who offers works for costumer-collectors, but knowledge tools. And, above all, there is a change in the role of ever more demanding and knowledgeable costumers, that seek emotional pleasure, sensory involvement and social sharing in the arts. In a scenario like this where everything seems predictably unpredictable, you just have to experience art as lucid dream, as an unlikely obsession, or as a wonderful and conscious illusion that can make us still believe in fairy tales, but always aware that everyone is master of its own destiny.

Maurizio Vanni

Introduction Ilaria Niccoli President – Ilaria Niccoli Production

It is a long path that leads to the opening of an ambitious and creative project, one conceived and refined to impact a reality that is sensational and sophisticated, but also shouted to the world whit the exuberance and the importance that comes from its own large dimension, its own boundless spaces, produced by the transformation of the city of Miami into the huge, gigantic and somewhat monstrous creature that puts itself up for show for five days during the first week of December every year.

A long path made of growing synergies and excellent testimonials, combined together. Testimonies from the world of art and culture in general, that love mixing together different culture, different tastes and different techniques .

For this reason EXHIBITALIA has created, in 2010,the first Italian pavilion, conceived to keep the pace of the most vibrant contemporary arts events in the world. It opens its own space in the Wynwood Art District of Miami, with an agenda that gives voice to the dialogue between artists and collectors, producer and sponsor, tourist and normal citizen of the metropolis. A dialogue to promote international cultural exchange in a sophisticated Italian context.

A synergy between institutions and the private sector, between “visual” artists and more traditionally figurative artists, between an eclectic and unique curator such as Maurizzio Vanni is and flexible, “on task” production by Ilaria Niccolini Production and Cabrini and Associates, between a leading guide such as the one provided by photography masters Masturzo and De Biasi, the and young photography talents welcomed by EXHIBITALIA; a synergy between typical Italian galleries, such as Mazzoleni art gallery, and galleries that are immersed in the European cultural word, like Poliedro gallery and SYRLIN-Art-Associates with EUART. But most importantly, a synergy between arts and business, as evidence by the sensational presence of some of the most celebrated Italian brands worldwide: FIAT, Ducati, SEA Milan Airports. An important show of support to the cultural world, trough which the companies receive a new stimulus, and a renewed media presence. A high-class synergy, vibrant and valuable. This is the true destinations of our path, a goal that is only a starting point for the next trip that will lead us to EXHIBITALIA 2011 in the name of an ever stronger relationship between culture and business.

Ilaria Niccoli



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