06 Mar

After the Ordinary: Present Time

a cura di Melih Gorgun e Merteza Fidan
Siemens Sanat – Istambul

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Contemporary art is not based on a conventional historical evolution of formal innovations, but rather it develops suggestions in today’s reality. Artists are involved in the dynamics of life which they use to develop contemporary art forms. The main issue for the viewer and the painting (i.e. the artist) is to comprehend th e content collectively.

In spite of developments in other art disciplines, the art of painting has been shaping formal innovations by following the modern-historical consciousness. Today, the art of painting can also produce intellectual dialogical forms of daily life and head towards the collective consciousness.

Ali Hassoun’s art works use grey-neutral images from the masterpieces of West European art in the background, and socio-cultural dominant images in the foreground. His paintings are subject to multi-layered interpretations as they deal with scenes of everyday life in the Middle East and local forms structured with colourful painting, which challenge the scenes from Western masterpieces in the background. Murteza Fidan

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